• FIFA World Cup Champions

    FIFA World Cup Champions

    The football world cup tournament is one of the most popular games in the world.

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  • Countries With Most Golf Courses per Capita

    Countries With Most Golf Courses per Capita

    The game of golf has gained popularity and spread out throughout the world. However, it has remained a favorite for the high profile people...

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  • Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports

    Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports

    Sports are a great way to enhance social cohesion. Most people engage in sports as a hobby while others as a profession. Ideally, a hobby...

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FIFA World Cup Champions

The football world cup tournament is one of the most popular games in the world. It is played after every four years. During the world cup games the world comes together to celebrate the games. The first world football match played in 1872. It was a match between Scotland and England. However, the World cup was inaugurated in the year 1930. It has been played ever since, except for 1942 and 1946 during the second world war. Therefore, the FIFA world cup has been played 19 times. The countries that have won this cup most of the times include:

1. Brazil

FIFA World Cup ChampionsBrazil has won the world cup for five different times. The most recent time being in the year 1994 in Japan, where it defeated Germany with two scores to nil. The other times are : 1994 in the USA where it won against Italy. The game drew during the normal playing time and also during the extra time. It proceeded to penalty shoot-out whereby Brazil won with 3 goals against 2 by Italy. In Mexico, 1970 Brazil won against Italy. They won with 4 goals against 1. The team Also won in Chile, 1962 against Czechoslovakia with 3 goals against 1. Brazil also had won the previous world cup in Sweden, in 1958, where it won against Sweden with 5 goals against 2.

2. Germany

FIFA World Cup ChampionsGermany comes a close second to Brazil with five World Cup wins. The most recent is their win in Brazil in the year 2014. They managed to beat Argentina with a single goal during extra time. In Italy, 1990 Germany had won, beating Argentina again with a single score.

In the year 1974 the German team won the world cup in their home ground. They beat Holland with two goals against one. Finally, in Switzerland, in 1954, Germany won against Hungary with three scores against two.

3. Italy

FIFA World Cup ChampionsSimilar to Germany, Italy has also clinched the title for four times. The latest time was in Germany, in the year 2006. During the final match, the game went draw in the normal 90 FIFA minutes and also in the extra time. The game went ahead to the penalty shoot-out which saw Italy beat France 5 goals to 3.

In 1982, the World cup was held in Spain. Italy won, beating Germany 3 goals to 1. In France, 1938 Italy won by beating Hungary 4 goals to 2. The previous world cup that was held in Italy, they had also won against Czechoslovakia by 2 goals to 1.

4. Argentina

FIFA World Cup ChampionsArgentina has won the world cup twice. The latest time was in Mexico in the year 1986. They beat Germany 3 goals to 2. The other time was in Argentina, 1978 where they won on their home ground. They beat Holland 3 goals to 1.

5. Uruguay

FIFA World Cup ChampionsUruguay, just like Argentina, has won the world cup two times. Their latest victory was in 1950 in Brazil. They beat the host Brazil 2 goals to 1. The other time was in 1930 where they won in their beating Argentina 4 goals to 2.

6. France

FIFA World Cup ChampionsFrance has won the World cup only one time in the year 1998. They won on their home ground beating Brazil 3 goals to 0.

7. Spain

FIFA World Cup ChampionsLike France, Spain has also won the World Cup once. This was during the World cup held in South Africa in 2010. They won by beating Netherlands 1 goal to 0.


Like any tournament, the world cup has had its share of controversies. For example, in 2006 world cup final, Zinedine Zidane converted a penalty which, according to some, would not have been awarded in the first place. Again, 1998 saw the host, France, face the challenge of terror threats that were aimed at the world cup participants and fans. Despite that, the world cup remains a dominant event.

Countries With Most Golf Courses per Capita

The game of golf has gained popularity and spread out throughout the world. However, it has remained a favorite for the high profile people in the society. Recent studies have revealed some of the countries with the highest number of golf courses per capita. This goes to show both the extent of the popularity of the game and the increase in the class of people who play the game.

1. Scotland

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaScotland has an approximated population of about 5,327,700 people. To add on to that, they have an approximate 552 golf courses. The country has at least one golf course for around 568 people. This means that in an area of about 10,000 population, there is one 18-hole golf course.

2. Ireland

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaThe country has a population of about 4,605,501. The approximated number of golf courses in the country is 472. This translates to around 574 people per golf hole. Ireland as some of the best golf courses in the world. As such, it has hosted some of the biggest names in the golf game.

3. New Zealand

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaNew Zealand has a population of 4,500,500. The country has approximately 418 golf courses. The approximate number of people per golf hole was calculated to be 633.

4. Australia

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaWith a massive population of 22,900,000, the country has 1,628 golf facilities.Australia has recently been raked the fifth country with the highest number of golf courses. The total number of golf holes in the facilities around the country is 27,676. This means that in Australia the approximate number of people per golf hole is 827.

5. Canada

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaCanada is a populated country with around 35,344,962 people. Its total number of golf facilities are 2,363.This is the third country with the highest number of golf courses. When all the golf holes are calculated they come to around 40,171. This means that in Canada there are 880 people per a single golf hole.

6. Sweden

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaThe population of Sweden is about 9,640,00 people. In its golf game, they have around 491 facilities whose total number of holes are 8,347. This translates to a total of 1,155 people per each golf hole.

7. USA

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaThe nation has a massive population of approximately 320,583,000 people. The USA is the nation with the highest number of golf facilities in the world, boasting with around 15,372 facilities. Their total number of golf holes are 261,324. This means that for every 1,227 Americans, there is a golf hole.

8. England

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaEngland has a population of 53,500,000 people. They have a total number of 2,084 golf facilities, which is the fourth highest number of golf courses.The total number of golf holes in the country is 35,428. This translates to a total of 1,510 people per golf hole.

9. Japan

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaThis is one of the countries with a large population of about 126,999,808 people. The Japanese have around 2,383 golf facilities in their country.It is rant second in the countries with the most golf courses. These facilities have a total number of 40,511 holes. This means that for every 3,135 Japanese in the country, there is a golf hole.

10. France

Countries With Most Golf Courses per CapitaFrance has a population of around 63 million people. The total number of golf courses in the country is 648, accounting for the seventh country with the highest number of golf courses. The total number of golf holes in the golf facilities is about 11,016. This translates to about 5,753 people in France per each golf hole.


The list of countries with the highest number of golf courses is fluid. Other countries will join the list, and others in the list will fade. Despite that, the above countries will continue to benefit from a heavy investment in golf and a huge fan base, at least in the near future.

What Is Long-distance Running

Long distance running is also referred to as endurance running since it involves running continuously over a distance of at least three kilometers (1.86 miles). This kind of running requires both physical strength and mental strength for persistence over the long distance. Among all the mammals, the human being is the best adapted for the endurance running due to their advancement in their thinking abilities.

Physiology and Psychology behind Long Distance Running

What Is Long-distance RunningWild animals generally run faster than humans. However, their ability to run for a long distance is largely compromised by their physiology. Therefore, they can only run fast for short distances. On the other hand, the bone and muscle structure of the humans is adapted to long distance running. Humans’ body also has the ability to cool itself through sweating. This greatly helps the body to maintain an optimum body temperature and oxygen circulation, which is needed for endurance running. Sweating is much more effective than panting by which animals use to cool their body temperature while running.

Psychologically, humans have the ability to think and make logical decisions. While running over a long distance, this is critical because one has to have a lot of motivation so as to endure. Whenever humans are running, they always have a purpose why they are running. This purpose serves as an incentive to motivate the runner.

The Purpose of Long Distance Running

What Is Long-distance RunningPeople engage in long distance running for various reasons. The first reason most people run over a long distance is for physical fitness. With the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, many people have taken to long distance running. This helps to improve one’s muscle strength while burning the excess fat.
People also run for recreation. There are many organizations nowadays that organize for long distance running for family fun. Some other organizations organize long distance running for charity reasons. It is used to bring people together to run for both recreations while at the same time raise funds for a certain charitable cause.

There are certain communities that run over a long distance for traveling purposes. This is not common in most areas due to advancement in technology. However, some other people might still run for traveling purpose but also with another motive, probably keeping fit.

Endurance running is also used in military and paramilitary schools for training. Due to the physical and psychological benefits of long distance running, it has been incorporated in the disciplined forces as part of their training.


What Is Long-distance RunningSome other people also engage in long distance running as a profession. Sports have a provision for long distance running competition. The classifications of the endurance run in sports are:

1. Road running: This is conducted on tarmac roads and the finishing is mostly done in stadiums. Examples of this marathon race include the Boston, Berlin, Chicago, Tokyo, New York City marathons amongst others.

2. Track running: This refers to the running that takes place in the stadium, whereby the runners cover a long distance. The standard track events take 5000 meters and 10,000meters.

3. Cross country running: This running occurs over different types of surfaces during the course of the race.


Long distance running in sports is continuously becoming popular with some of the elite running competitions in the Olympics. These events are held for both genders. In the just completed Rio Olympics, some of the women who won include: Almaz Ayana, Ethiopian who won the women 10,000 Meters. The 5000 Meters women’s race was won by Vivian Cheruiyot, Kenyan.

Recommended Brands for Golf Hitting Nets

Golf is one of the sports which is popular among the high-end class of people. It is said that some of the biggest business deals and networking happen on the golf course. Therefore, most people want to learn how to become skilled in playing golf. This is in preparation for a golf tournament on the golf course.

Some of the of the brands that are involved in the manufacture of golf training products include Rukket Sports, SKLZ and POWERNET. These brands all have golf hitting nets which are used in indoor golf practice.

Rukket Sports

Recommended Brands for Golf Hitting NetsThis is a design and manufacturing company which specializes in the production of innovative and high-quality sports products and the Rukk Net is according to a golf practice net blog  well-built and sturdy golf net that includes two-layer net system which makes the golf net last longer and increases safety as the net has less chance to break. The company is owned and operated in the USA. It has been involved in the manufacture of products for most sports across America. Some of the sports include golf, soccer, and softball.

Most of their customers appreciate the fact that Rukket Sports avoids any intermediaries when dealing with the customers. This means that they can take responsibility for any claim they make about their products. This builds a strong bond of confidence and trustworthiness with the clients.

The quality and functionality of their products are enhanced by their involvement of the actual sport’s stakeholders in the designing of the products. Customer feedback also plays a significant role in the innovation of successive products. Some of their products in the golf sport include the POP-Up Net, the Professional Portable Driving Range, Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat amongst many others


Recommended Brands for Golf Hitting NetsPowernet company is available in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. They provide sports products for sports such as golf, soccer, volleyball and baseball/Softball. Their strategy is to provide the training equipment to players, coaches and parents. Some of their products are the cheapest in the market which gives them an added advantage in competition with their rivals.

The company is also dedicated to providing high-quality products. Taking an example of their golf training nets, it is designed in a durable and sturdy manner such that it can be used to play even when the weather is windy. Despite it being heavy, one doesn’t have to worry about the ball ripping through the net.


Recommended Brands for Golf Hitting NetsThis company is involved in the design and production of sports equipment. They manufacture products for games such as baseball, golf, soccer, and basketball. The company is committed to helping athletes in their preparation for sports. Some of their products in the golf game include the all-in-one swing trainer, the med ball, the set-up trainer, golf strong video programs, vari-break putting mat amongst many others.

Their golf net is available in 6’x6’ and 8’x 8’. The frame of the net is light weight, therefore, easy to carry for either indoor or outdoor training. It is also very easy to assemble and take down thereby saving you on time.


The Rukket Sports has been in the production of the sports product for some time. Thus they have sufficient experience in the industry. Evidently, their golf hitting nets are the best quality in the market. The net is extremely easy to carry, assemble and take down. This gives one the freedom to use it indoors or outdoors without much effort. Additionally, the offer lifetime warranty on all their products. Therefore, for ease and convenience in golf training, this would be the company to source training products with.

Best Golf Range Finder Apps

The advancements in the digital space are being felt in the world of golfing. If you are a recreational golfer, you can use various range finder apps. In fact, there are so many on the market today that you would need a GPS to find them all. However, you don’t have to do all that. If you you are looking to use a rangefinder without buying one there are a range of apps available that you can use. For those looking for a rangefinder here is a great guide and another one in this blog. Here are some of the best range finder apps that you can install on your smartphone device, and enjoy this prestigious sport.

Sonocaddie 2

Best Golf Range Finder AppsMajority of the GPS apps on the market today, mainly provide an aerial footage of the hole you are playing. However, this app complements that feature, with the use of a real-time interface, as well as artistically enhanced color yardage guides, which show your exact location. Most GPS devices present a reading difficulty, especially when the sun is shining. However, with this one, you get vivid graphics, regardless of how bright the sun is. The app is free.


Best Golf Range Finder AppsThis is another range finder app that is free, functional and fun to use. It features stat-keeping and shot-tracking capabilities, together with detailed maps displaying more than 30,000 course from around the globe. This app is also compatible to an Apple watch. Therefore, all the information on the app is also visible on the watch. Its hyper-realistic 3D images display every feature of the course.

Golfshot Plus

Best Golf Range Finder AppsThis one contains a database of more than 40,000 golf courses from around the world. The courses are clearly displayed in brilliant and vivid aerial views, which are also zoom-able. This app also features shot-tracking technology, which displays your entire performance via cool colored graphics. Its version of the Golfshot pro is Apple watch compatible, giving you access to wide range of perks and privileges. It goes for around $30.

Mobitee Golf

Best Golf Range Finder AppsFor $269, you get a small digital device, which is attached to your glove. Apart from providing distances, Mobitee Golf also collects information on every shot that you take. The data collected is then stored on the app. Therefore, you are able to obtain all the information and record on how you performed in the round. This app also conducts swing analysis.

Game Golf

Best Golf Range Finder AppsThis one comes in the form of a small tracking device, which you attach to your belt. It is lightweight and tiny, to also attach onto your clubs. It provides real-time range finder data, shot tracking as well as visual course maps and tips regarding your strengths and weaknesses together with other assorted tendencies.

Arccos Golf

Best Golf Range Finder AppsFor $300, you get lightweight sensors that are attached to the rear end of your club. These ones provide you with real time data. Apart from targets and yardages, you also get a detailed analysis of every shot and the information is automatically stored on the cloud. This app also connects you to the Arccos community, where you can compete or compare your information with fellow golfers.

Bottom Line

Any golfer understands that a few yards can create all the difference when it comes to beating an opponent. You don’t have to rely on those clued-up caddies any longer. These range finder apps can offer the same level of service. The good news is that they are mobile, easy to use and you can always view the courses any time. The choice of which one to buy depends entirely on you, based on your budget and other personal preferences. It is highly recommended to read a well researched golf rangefinder guide before deciding on your purchase.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports

Sports are a great way to enhance social cohesion. Most people engage in sports as a hobby while others as a profession. Ideally, a hobby should be a safe activity. However, some sporting activities are not very safe.

Some sports are dangerous by the fact that they involve rough and violent activities. Others are dangerous by the nature of the participants that engage in them. Therefore, this increases the chances of injuries and fatality in case of an accident. Other activities are dangerous because they need a high level of adrenaline rush to participate in. The following are the top dangerous sports.

1. Scuba Diving

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThe scuba diving sport involves diving underwater with specialized breathing apparatus. Watching scuba diving video clips can be fun and spectacular. However, there is a lot of danger involved for the divers. Some of the risks include dexompression illnesses. This can result to spinal cord injuries, or lung and brain failure. One can also be attacked by the various dangerous sea animals like sharks.

2. Surfing

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsSurfing can be fun and safe when done on small waves. Usually or around 10 feet. However big wave surfing involves riding a 20 feet and above wave. This can be extremely dangerous since even the most experienced maestros can be pulled into the wave and drown. There have been cases of people who have been smashed into rocks and other solid surfaces sustaining serious injuries.

3. Boxing

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThe level of personal and professional violence in this game is almost unmatched. This game involves punching the other person, so safety is out of the question. There is a high number of players who have sustained lifetime injuries from boxing. In some cases, the game has resulted in death.

4. Wrestling

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThis game is to large extent crafted to convince the viewer. However, in the attempt to make it as real as possible, many player have sustained serious injuries. It is reported that almost all the wrestlers have at one time had a serious injury. This is a game that has also resulted to mental imbalance and sometimes death.

5. Mountaining Climbing

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsFor the people who are motivated by adrenaline, this is an extremely fun sport. However, every aspect of this game involves a lot of risk. Any mistake and accident has the capacity to result to death of serious injuries.

6. Motorcycling

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsMotocross accidents involve crushing while at a speed of above 30 mph. Such accidents most definitely result in major injuries and in the extreme cases, in fatalities.

7. Base Jumping

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThis sport includes jumping off a high rise structure with a parachute. It is illegal in some countries due to the numerous risks involved. Some of the injuries and fatalities reported are from being thrashed by the wind. Others are from parachute malfunction.

8. Bicycle Riding competitions

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsBicycle riding by itself is a relatively safe sport. However, the cycling competitions involve hundreds of participants. In the case of an accident, which usually happens in every event, the injured are usually high in numbers. This is because it involves a lot of bicycles crushing together at high speed.

9. Horse Riding

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsHorse riding is a sport enjoyed by most people. However, some horse riding competition especially where the horses have to jump over hurdles. This game involves pushing the horse to its limit. Sometimes the horses end up falling crushing the rider.

10. Bull Riding

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThis is a sport that involves a person trying to stay on top of a bull while it attempts to buck the rider off its back. This high testosterone game is a favorite of many men. However, the level of risk involved is considerably high. This game has resulted in a high number of fatalities in the field.


Other relatively dangerous sports include martial arts, lacrosse, and Street luge. All in all every coach will say that every game involves a certain level of risk. Therefore it is the players responsibility to take every necessary measure to protect themselves.

Major Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fascia is a thin ligament that connects the heel to the front of your foot. This ligament plays an instrumental role in a person’s ability to walk. Due to the strain when walking, this ligament suffers tear and wear every day. However, if it is subjected to extreme pressure, it can suffer gross tear and wear resulting to a painful condition known as Plantar Fasciitis.

The pain is usually worse, especially when one is starting to walk. Different people report varying sensations from a dull pain to a very sharp pain. Depending on the level of the inflammation due to the tear, one can be incapacitated to walk or walk up the stairs.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis


Major Causes of Plantar FasciitisGaining a lot of weight, especially over a short period of time, is one of the major predisposing factors. The weight of the body exerts undue pressure on the ligament increasing its level of tear and wear. This makes it suffer major injuries resulting in inflammation.

Another aspect is being overweight and being engaged in work that requires one to be standing and walking frequently. This also adds more pressure onto the ligament increasing a person’s chance of developing Plantar Fasciitis.


Major Causes of Plantar FasciitisPregnancy involves gaining extra pounds over a limited period of time. This adds more weight onto the ligament that were adapted to supporting a persons previous lesser weight. If a person who is pregnant is involved in a lot of walking, it increases their probability in damaging the ligament thereby developing the condition.

Usually one has higher chances of developing Planta Fasciitis as one progresses through the pregnancy. This is due to the increase in weight. Therefore, the highest chances of developing the condition are in the third trimester.


Major Causes of Plantar FasciitisTypically, when ones walking, the plantar fascia suffers minor tear and wear. Therefore, to a runner who practices frequently, the rate of tear and wear is much higher than for a person who does the normal jogging. Therefore, a runner has higher chances of developing Plantar Fasciiitis.

There are some aspects that increase the chances of a runner to develop the condition. The first is sudden increase in their mileage. This creates more pressure on the ligament since it had been used to support the foot for a certain distance. The second factor is poor foot structure while running. This is the reason it is very important for a novice runner to get advice from a professional trainer so as to avoid injury early in their career. Wearing inappropriate running shoes can also predispose the ligament to injury since the shoe isn’t supporting the foot when running.


Age is another risk factor. Plantar Fasciitis is more common in people between the age of 40-60 years. This could be because they are the most active years when one weight has also increased. Also the ligament has suffered accumulated tear and wear over a long period of years.

There are aspects of the foot mechanic that can predispose one to the condition. For example, having a high arch or even having a certain walking style. These can increase the pressure on the ligament leading to Plantar Fasciitis.

How Does Massage Chair Work

After a long and tiresome day at work, you might arrive home feeling tired and exhausted. A professional massage might be able to provide relief from all that tiredness and stiffness. Sometimes you might not have the money or time to visit a professional masseuse. That is where a massage chair comes in. A massage chair is a more comfortable and convenient way to get that relief. These chairs have been in the market for many years, and their popularity keeps growing. If you have been wondering how massage chairs work, here is what you need to know.

Vibrations Only

How Does Massage Chair WorkMost of the low-end massage chairs on the market are usually fitted with vibrating features and elements only. On the other hand, more expensive and advanced massage chairs contain machinery and motors designed in a way that they can provide similar to the techniques applied by a professional masseuse.

Modern massage chairs apply a complex mechanical approach while some inventors have gone a notch higher to implement new techniques. Some chairs use for water to induce a massaging effect while reducing your stress and tension. Others use airbags, which squeeze the muscles. This way, blood circulation is promoted while releasing muscular pain.

Air Bags

Air bags are mainly applied in majority of the high-end or advanced massage chairs. This massage chair uses various airbags, which squeeze the large muscle groups. This is a popular massage technique applied by numerous professional massage therapists. This airbags are usually linked to an air pressure. These are then inflated during the massage session. Other chairs combine gears, rollers, motors and various vibrating mechanisms.


How Does Massage Chair WorkThe most basic models on the market mainly rely on a vibrating surface, which in turn provides a massage. These vibrations are mainly produced by smaller devices on the massage chair. The small devices may contain a weighted wheel or a gear. Once the motor of this device is activated, it pushes and rotates this wheel at very high speeds, thus causing the vibrations. An example of this is a vibrating cell phone.


Rollers are usually found in the more expensive models. Rollers are mainly preferred since they are able to induce a massage that almost feels like one done by a human being. In some massage chairs, these rollers might move up and down. In other models, the rollers might move both laterally and vertically. This way, they are able to produce circular motion, which feels as if you are being massaged by a human hand.

Bottom Line

A massage chair can be excellent addition towards your health routine. If you can use it daily, it eventually pays for itself, when you consider the costs that you can incur, if you were to go for a professional massage every day. Additionally, you get the massage any time you want and at the convenience of your own home. Now that you know how a massage chair works, it is time to add to add one to your home. There are various options and brands you can choose from to have that relaxing and enjoyable massage.

How Does a Paintball Gun Work

Paintball gun is a special gun used purely for entertainment and fun. In this kind of sport, a paint is used as to mark the opposing team. Since this game can be a bit dangerous, it must be played with caution. Many paintball players use the term marker instead of a gun to oppose the general belief that these markers are weapons and that the sport is too dangerous to participate in.

In order to play paintball, you need a marker and paintballs. Paintballs refer to small plastic balls filled with a water soluble paint which is non-toxic. The plastics used to make the balls are designed in such way that they are not supposed to burst on impact. However, they are not too thin to shield them from bursting if they are fired from the paintball gun.

There are three main components that make up these guns, the trigger, barrel, and grip. The hopper in the gun is designed with loading mechanism and to store ammunition. The propellant containers carry the compressed nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and air. These three components usually work together to make up a paintball gun.

How Does a Paintball Gun WorkThe majority of the firing of a paintball gun is found inside the barrel of the gun. There is a valve tube that goes through the spring, bolt, and hammer where the gas valve usually sits. There is also a compressed air tank required to power the paintball gun in order to make it work. While firing a paintball, the ball is expelled from the barrel by a controlled valve and short burst of gas which is released from the canister of carbon dioxide. In some instances, air or even nitrogen gas can be used depending on the type of gun that you are using.

Paintballs are usually fed by the hopper, located in front of the firing assembly. This is to ensure that the ball is kept in place until the next time you pull the trigger. The hopper ensures that the ammunition is placed directly in front. This is to ensure that it’s able to spring forward and fling the ball at the direction that the gun is aimed at. The firing assembly varies from one paintball to another.

Generally, it consists of a gas valve that is sealed to prevent any constant release of the gas. While firing, the trigger releases the sear, which is a small piece and ensures that everything is kept in place. As the gas is released, it also causes the firing assembly to move forward along with the paintball.

How Does a Paintball Gun WorkAs compared to other guns, paintballs are usually fired at very low speeds. As a matter of fact, most playing fields limits the markers to about three hundred feet per second. While this speed can leave a welt or bruise, at close range, it cannot lead to any serious injury especially if the players are wearing appropriate protective gear. However, if you are not wearing any form of protection, ear, and eye injuries are likely to occur. The good thing is that most playing fields won’t allow you to play without any. Even if you feel that you are strong enough it’s very important to keep your protective gear in place. To learn more about paintball and the accessories, markers and generally the best paintball guns visit www.paintballguide.net for in depth reviews and general information about everything related to paintballs.

When a paintball marker is triggered, a paintball is moved from the loader. The player then locks the marker by moving the bolt forward. Next, when the trigger is pulled, the spring releases. This action allows air to be forced out of the gas inlet and finally the paintball is released towards the target.


While paintball guns are not complicated, they are quite sophisticated toys. The incorporation of either gas or electronics is indeed astonishing. If you know how they work, you will realize that they are very fascinating. Although each model is a bit different, the same rules apply when it comes to using them. The key to using them is having a bit of understanding. Once you are familiar with your gun, you will have an intricate working relationship that will allow you get the most out of your paintball gun on the field. Once you try it out, you will enjoy an amazing experience.