6 Best Golf Range Finder Apps

Best Golf Range Finder Apps

6 Best Golf Range Finder Apps

The advancements in the digital space are being felt in the world of golfing. If you are a recreational golfer, you can use various range finder apps. In fact, there are so many on the market today that you would need a GPS to find them all. However, you don’t have to do all that. Here are some of the best range finder apps that you can install on your smartphone device, and enjoy this prestigious sport.

Sonocaddie 2

Best Golf Range Finder AppsMajority of the GPS apps on the market today, mainly provide an aerial footage of the hole you are playing. However, this app complements that feature, with the use of a real-time interface, as well as artistically enhanced color yardage guides, which show your exact location. Most GPS devices present a reading difficulty, especially when the sun is shining. However, with this one, you get vivid graphics, regardless of how bright the sun is. The app is free.


Best Golf Range Finder AppsThis is another range finder app that is free, functional and fun to use. It features stat-keeping and shot-tracking capabilities, together with detailed maps displaying more than 30,000 course from around the globe. This app is also compatible to an Apple watch. Therefore, all the information on the app is also visible on the watch. Its hyper-realistic 3D images display every feature of the course.

Golfshot Plus

Best Golf Range Finder AppsThis one contains a database of more than 40,000 golf courses from around the world. The courses are clearly displayed in brilliant and vivid aerial views, which are also zoom-able. This app also features shot-tracking technology, which displays your entire performance via cool colored graphics. Its version of the Golfshot pro is Apple watch compatible, giving you access to wide range of perks and privileges. It goes for around $30.

Mobitee Golf

Best Golf Range Finder AppsFor $269, you get a small digital device, which is attached to your glove. Apart from providing distances, Mobitee Golf also collects information on every shot that you take. The data collected is then stored on the app. Therefore, you are able to obtain all the information and record on how you performed in the round. This app also conducts swing analysis.

Game Golf

Best Golf Range Finder AppsThis one comes in the form of a small tracking device, which you attach to your belt. It is lightweight and tiny, to also attach onto your clubs. It provides real-time range finder data, shot tracking as well as visual course maps and tips regarding your strengths and weaknesses together with other assorted tendencies.

Arccos Golf

Best Golf Range Finder AppsFor $300, you get lightweight sensors that are attached to the rear end of your club. These ones provide you with real time data. Apart from targets and yardages, you also get a detailed analysis of every shot and the information is automatically stored on the cloud. This app also connects you to the Arccos community, where you can compete or compare your information with fellow golfers.

Bottom Line

Any golfer understands that a few yards can create all the difference when it comes to beating an opponent. You don’t have to rely on those clued-up caddies any longer. These range finder apps can offer the same level of service. The good news is that they are mobile, easy to use and you can always view the courses any time. The choice of which one to buy depends entirely on you, based on your budget and other personal preferences.

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