FIFA World Cup Champions

The football world cup tournament is one of the most popular games in the world. It is played after every four years. During the world cup games the world comes together to celebrate the games. The first world football match played in 1872. It was a match between Scotland and England. However, the World cup was inaugurated in the year 1930. It has been played ever since, except for 1942 and 1946 during the second world war. Therefore, the FIFA world cup has been played 19 times. The countries that have won this cup most of the times include:

1. Brazil

FIFA World Cup ChampionsBrazil has won the world cup for five different times. The most recent time being in the year 1994 in Japan, where it defeated Germany with two scores to nil. The other times are : 1994 in the USA where it won against Italy. The game drew during the normal playing time and also during the extra time. It proceeded to penalty shoot-out whereby Brazil won with 3 goals against 2 by Italy. In Mexico, 1970 Brazil won against Italy. They won with 4 goals against 1. The team Also won in Chile, 1962 against Czechoslovakia with 3 goals against 1. Brazil also had won the previous world cup in Sweden, in 1958, where it won against Sweden with 5 goals against 2.

2. Germany

FIFA World Cup ChampionsGermany comes a close second to Brazil with five World Cup wins. The most recent is their win in Brazil in the year 2014. They managed to beat Argentina with a single goal during extra time. In Italy, 1990 Germany had won, beating Argentina again with a single score.

In the year 1974 the German team won the world cup in their home ground. They beat Holland with two goals against one. Finally, in Switzerland, in 1954, Germany won against Hungary with three scores against two.

3. Italy

FIFA World Cup ChampionsSimilar to Germany, Italy has also clinched the title for four times. The latest time was in Germany, in the year 2006. During the final match, the game went draw in the normal 90 FIFA minutes and also in the extra time. The game went ahead to the penalty shoot-out which saw Italy beat France 5 goals to 3.

In 1982, the World cup was held in Spain. Italy won, beating Germany 3 goals to 1. In France, 1938 Italy won by beating Hungary 4 goals to 2. The previous world cup that was held in Italy, they had also won against Czechoslovakia by 2 goals to 1.

4. Argentina

FIFA World Cup ChampionsArgentina has won the world cup twice. The latest time was in Mexico in the year 1986. They beat Germany 3 goals to 2. The other time was in Argentina, 1978 where they won on their home ground. They beat Holland 3 goals to 1.

5. Uruguay

FIFA World Cup ChampionsUruguay, just like Argentina, has won the world cup two times. Their latest victory was in 1950 in Brazil. They beat the host Brazil 2 goals to 1. The other time was in 1930 where they won in their beating Argentina 4 goals to 2.

6. France

FIFA World Cup ChampionsFrance has won the World cup only one time in the year 1998. They won on their home ground beating Brazil 3 goals to 0.

7. Spain

FIFA World Cup ChampionsLike France, Spain has also won the World Cup once. This was during the World cup held in South Africa in 2010. They won by beating Netherlands 1 goal to 0.


Like any tournament, the world cup has had its share of controversies. For example, in 2006 world cup final, Zinedine Zidane converted a penalty which, according to some, would not have been awarded in the first place. Again, 1998 saw the host, France, face the challenge of terror threats that were aimed at the world cup participants and fans. Despite that, the world cup remains a dominant event.