How Does Massage Chair Work?

How Does Massage Chair Work

How Does Massage Chair Work?

After a long and tiresome day at work, you might arrive home feeling tired and exhausted. A professional massage might be able to provide relief from all that tiredness and stiffness. Sometimes you might not have the money or time to visit a professional masseuse. That is where a massage chair comes in. A massage chair is a more comfortable and convenient way to get that relief. These chairs have been in the market for many years, and their popularity keeps growing. If you have been wondering how massage chairs work, here is what you need to know.

Vibrations Only

How Does Massage Chair WorkMost of the low-end massage chairs on the market are usually fitted with vibrating features and elements only. On the other hand, more expensive and advanced massage chairs contain machinery and motors designed in a way that they can provide similar to the techniques applied by a professional masseuse.

Modern massage chairs apply a complex mechanical approach while some inventors have gone a notch higher to implement new techniques. Some chairs use for water to induce a massaging effect while reducing your stress and tension. Others use airbags, which squeeze the muscles. This way, blood circulation is promoted while releasing muscular pain.

Air Bags

Air bags are mainly applied in majority of the high-end or advanced massage chairs. This massage chair uses various airbags, which squeeze the large muscle groups. This is a popular massage technique applied by numerous professional massage therapists. This airbags are usually linked to an air pressure. These are then inflated during the massage session. Other chairs combine gears, rollers, motors and various vibrating mechanisms.


How Does Massage Chair WorkThe most basic models on the market mainly rely on a vibrating surface, which in turn provides a massage. These vibrations are mainly produced by smaller devices on the massage chair. The small devices may contain a weighted wheel or a gear. Once the motor of this device is activated, it pushes and rotates this wheel at very high speeds, thus causing the vibrations. An example of this is a vibrating cell phone.


Rollers are usually found in the more expensive models. Rollers are mainly preferred since they are able to induce a massage that almost feels like one done by a human being. In some massage chairs, these rollers might move up and down. In other models, the rollers might move both laterally and vertically. This way, they are able to produce circular motion, which feels as if you are being massaged by a human hand.

Bottom Line

A massage chair can be excellent addition towards your health routine. If you can use it daily, it eventually pays for itself, when you consider the costs that you can incur, if you were to go for a professional massage every day. Additionally, you get the massage any time you want and at the convenience of your own home. Now that you know how a massage chair works, it is time to add to add one to your home. There are various options and brands you can choose from to have that relaxing and enjoyable massage.

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