Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports

Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports

Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports

Sports are a great way to enhance social cohesion. Most people engage in sports as a hobby while others as a profession. Ideally, a hobby should be a safe activity. However, some sporting activities are not very safe.

Some sports are dangerous by the fact that they involve rough and violent activities. Others are dangerous by the nature of the participants that engage in them. Therefore, this increases the chances of injuries and fatality in case of an accident. Other activities are dangerous because they need a high level of adrenaline rush to participate in. The following are the top dangerous sports.

1. Scuba Diving

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThe scuba diving sport involves diving underwater with specialized breathing apparatus. Watching scuba diving video clips can be fun and spectacular. However, there is a lot of danger involved for the divers. Some of the risks include dexompression illnesses. This can result to spinal cord injuries, or lung and brain failure. One can also be attacked by the various dangerous sea animals like sharks.

2. Surfing

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsSurfing can be fun and safe when done on small waves. Usually or around 10 feet. However big wave surfing involves riding a 20 feet and above wave. This can be extremely dangerous since even the most experienced maestros can be pulled into the wave and drown. There have been cases of people who have been smashed into rocks and other solid surfaces sustaining serious injuries.

3. Boxing

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThe level of personal and professional violence in this game is almost unmatched. This game involves punching the other person, so safety is out of the question. There is a high number of players who have sustained lifetime injuries from boxing. In some cases, the game has resulted in death.

4. Wrestling

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThis game is to large extent crafted to convince the viewer. However, in the attempt to make it as real as possible, many player have sustained serious injuries. It is reported that almost all the wrestlers have at one time had a serious injury. This is a game that has also resulted to mental imbalance and sometimes death.

5. Mountaining Climbing

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsFor the people who are motivated by adrenaline, this is an extremely fun sport. However, every aspect of this game involves a lot of risk. Any mistake and accident has the capacity to result to death of serious injuries.

6. Motorcycling

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsMotocross accidents involve crushing while at a speed of above 30 mph. Such accidents most definitely result in major injuries and in the extreme cases, in fatalities.

7. Base Jumping

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThis sport includes jumping off a high rise structure with a parachute. It is illegal in some countries due to the numerous risks involved. Some of the injuries and fatalities reported are from being thrashed by the wind. Others are from parachute malfunction.

8. Bicycle Riding competitions

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsBicycle riding by itself is a relatively safe sport. However, the cycling competitions involve hundreds of participants. In the case of an accident, which usually happens in every event, the injured are usually high in numbers. This is because it involves a lot of bicycles crushing together at high speed.

9. Horse Riding

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsHorse riding is a sport enjoyed by most people. However, some horse riding competition especially where the horses have to jump over hurdles. This game involves pushing the horse to its limit. Sometimes the horses end up falling crushing the rider.

10. Bull Riding

Top Ten Most Dangerous SportsThis is a sport that involves a person trying to stay on top of a bull while it attempts to buck the rider off its back. This high testosterone game is a favorite of many men. However, the level of risk involved is considerably high. This game has resulted in a high number of fatalities in the field.


Other relatively dangerous sports include martial arts, lacrosse, and Street luge. All in all every coach will say that every game involves a certain level of risk. Therefore it is the players responsibility to take every necessary measure to protect themselves.

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